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Connecting the world

There are many amazing things in both Japan and Britain. This is infinite from (the food world) to (the art world). We would like to bridge these wonderful cultures that Japan and Britain has to offer. On top of this, we would like to connect the world more.





In 2014,We created a performance with Noh Actor Reijiro Tsumura at JAPAN MATSURI in London depicting a story of how a Japanese rice wine brewery brewing Japanese sake (HAKURAKUSEI) that was completely destroyed by the disaster,tsunami and earthwuake came back to life like a phoenix through a collaboration of Noh, ballet and piano.


 東日本大震災により蔵が全壊してしまった日本酒の(伯楽星)が不死鳥のように蘇えり未来に向けて復活したストーリーを、能とバレエとピアノとのコラボレーションで表現する舞台を能楽師 津村禮次郎と共に2014年ロンドンのジャパン祭りにてプロデュースさせて頂きました。 

We invited a professional Noh actor Mr Rijiro Tsumura officially designated as an intangible cultural asset in London and the young ballet dancers and the musician created their own incredible music and choreography, and we were able to create an amazing performance because Mr Reijiro Tsumura did a brilliant job in leading the young people.




Our appreciation goes out to the people in the audience who ran up to stage with tears in their eyes explaining how moved they were and those who screamed bravo at the top of their voices after completing our performance 'Hakurakusei is collaborating with Noh Ballet & Piano' on stage at the Japan Matsuri at Trafalgar Square in London on September 27 ,2014 from the bottom of our heart. It became the reason , We would like to carry on to create collaborations in a variety of ways in the future as well.







~The Journey to the speed of sound ~ 音速への旅~ F1ドライバーアイルトンセナを能楽師津村禮次郎が能で表現いたしました。


そしてこちらはJAPAN Matsuri London 2016年の作品です。


On Sunday 25th September 2016 at Trafalgar Square in London   

            Baron Nishi ~Skyward~ ^
 Reijiro Tsumura is collaborating with Ballet and Piano

there was a collaboration of Reijiro Tsumura's Noh, Ballet and Piano based on the story of the man who didn't come home from Iou island, Olympic gold medallist, Baron Nishi.




~Mitsuko Coudenhove 黒い瞳の伯爵夫人~ On Sunday 24th September, 2017

JAPAN MATSURI LONDON, Tsumura Reijiro alongside young ballet dancers and piano  at Trafalgar Square .The story is about the Japanese lady, who become Countess of Coudenhove-Kalerg This was our 4th time being given the opportunity to perform at Japan Matsuri .

~Mitsuko Coudenhove 黒い瞳の伯爵夫人~に出演していた、芳野早希さんは現在、ルーマニアの国立バレエ団で、飯田さくらさんは、現在ブルガリアの州立バレエ団で、遠藤杏紗さんは日本でも最難関の音楽学校で初舞台を目指しており、皆さんそれぞれバレエダンサーとしてアーティストとして活躍しています。



ジャパン祭り第一回目の作品HAKURAKUSI インタビュー&リハーサル風景 

重要無形文化財能楽師 津村禮次郎 石橋杏美(現劇団四季)鶴家一仁(ダンサー)Leon Greedyリオン駿(ピアニスト)

Theme of Hakurakusei ~ Interview & Rehearsal~ 

Reijiro Tsumura, Kyomi Ishibashi , Kazuhito Tsuruga, and Leon Gredy

HAURAKUSEI オリジナルミュージック 

My friend made a logo for my company without asking and Im guessing that this friend made it based on my family name which means ' bullding a bridge ' in Japanese. It is a logo made with the hope that the world will be connected with a rainbow bridge and a rainbow bridge made out of ballet shoes ribbons, which seems like a waste and a little too cute for someone like me. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart.









 The 15th anniversary of our JUMI Office is coming up thanks to the support of everyone. The picture of the garden and scenery on our homepage were taken by me personally and I see rainbows often from my garden.

I look up at the sky and frolic like a child when I find a rainbow. And I am saying thank you under my breath when I realize.

This is who I am as a person.







 そして思わず、ありがとう ってつぶやきます。











イギリスの家の庭から見たまんまるの虹。 こういうふうに世界が繋がっていったらなんて素敵だろう。