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Jumi Hashidate Profile



Influenced by my aunt, who was once a member of the famed Takarazuka Theatrical Company, as well as my father and family who loved classical music, I studied ballet, piano, music, and traditional Japanese dance as a child. My father was the founder of Company KIDDYLAND in Harajuku. I am the youngest of four children and my siblings are much older than me. My father was so strict that he established time for us children to train at home. On the other hand, he was a truly kind and earnest man. The first time I saw the movie Sound of Music I was struck by the similarities between my father and the image of Captain Von Trapp playing a flute with his children neatly lined up. This was because we had similar training sessions at my house. As far as I know, none of my friends of my generation had such militaristic training at their homes growing up. However, I became the person I am today because I grew up in such an environment. Because my home life was strict, I tended to rely on my friends. They probably thought I was a hopeless dreamer. Still, they kindly looked after me.

My mother was the complete opposite of my father. In fact, she was very easy going, surprisingly much like the character of Maria in the
Sound of Music. My parents have both passed away, but their influence and images still live on inside my heart. Their influence also guided me to start Company JUMI. I am able to lead an honest life thanks to the lessons learned from my mother and strict father. 


I always love music and dance and I used to be appeared on Stage and TV commercials since my school days.

After I graduated Tamagawa university women's colllege in Tokyo ,I went to the US to study Dance, Ballet and Aerobics , then I came to England in the early 1990s. After living in England for ten years, I stayed in Brisbane, Australia for two years. I had the chance to visit almost every ballet and music school in Australia. I also followed Australias world of sports as much as possible. The high level achieved by the arts and sports in Australia filled me with motivation.

In the spring of 2005 I created the JUMI Ballet 
Coordinate Office on the heartfelt requests from guardians in Japan to help provide support for children. I was not sure if I was the best person for this role, but many friends warmly lent their support. And I have realized recentry that I have become the mum of almost 100 children !!. All childrean are very lovely !!.
Then in the fall of 2009, I took the step of converting JUMI Ballet Coordinate Office in to the JUMI Co.,Ltd. giving this venture a more precise form. As such, JUMI Co.,Ltd. was born from these modest feelings of love and affection. I hope that I can joyfully work with everyone to enlarge this circle of heartfelt trust between people. Connections between people are true treasures. I believe that life is all about making connections. And I feel extremely grateful to everyone who has supported me. I am also deeply grateful to my kind friends who are righteous, who have provided me with support and who understand my work the best. Thank you for always giving me your support. The advice and support provided by these friends, who are active as experts in many fields, is priceless. For me, they are real treasures. Furthermore, I truly appreciate all of the kind customers who visit Office JUMI. Having the opportunities to meet such people fills me with joy. I also love exchanging e-mails with everyone! Thank you for connecting with me, even though I am still inexperienced in this area. I am going to try my hardest, so your continued support is much appreciated. 

Every day I feel grateful for being entrusted with the management of this office and having the chance to do work based on connections with important people, even though I never used any advertising since founding the company. I am also grateful to those who seek out the small and inconspicuous Company JUMI and entrust us with work. Thank you so much. I also want to express my limitless love and affection to my dearest parents who raised me. 

Finally, I want to thank from the bottom of my heart my children who are so kind and who understand more than anyone else their hard-working and scatterbrained mother. 

I hope everyone has a warm, bright and wonderful day. 

Lots of love & Happiness XXX